Good food, laughter, conversation - the dining table is often at the heart of family life. A well-loved piece of horn cutlery can become an integral part of these moments, adding to the ambiance and memories created. Our horn tableware, with its unique beauty and charm, fits perfectly into this narrative.

Imagine passing on a horn egg spoon or salad servers to your children and them to theirs - each generation adding to its story, each scuff and patina a testament to shared meals and celebrated occasions. Such items transform from mere tableware into heirlooms, tokens of familial love and shared history.

Elevate your everyday.

As we strive for a sustainable future, it's essential to rethink our everyday tools and utensils. Traditionally, metal has been the go-to material for tableware, but its time to reconsider. Water buffalo horn has an organic, aesthetic appeal that metal lacks and its sourcing carries remarkable ecological benefits.

  • Our Makers

    We have been working with the same family business in Vietnam for 20 years. The family who craft our designs set their own prices and we are proud of the working relationship we have developed with them over the years.

  • Our Materials

    Water buffalo horn is a by-product of the food industry which is typically discarded. We take this untapped resource and transform it into beautiful, durable and biodegradable cutlery, helping us to reduce waste and minimise our environmental footprint.

    Our rosewood is off-cuts from the floor of a furniture maker. Again, we are repurposing a waste product.

  • Our Designs

    Our designs stand out for their combination of tradition, innovation and sustainability. Each piece is handcrafted, blending classic techniques with modern aesthetics, making them a stylish, tactile, eco-friendly alternative to mass produced alternatives. Each piece is unique, its patterns and tones subtly varying according to the horn it was shaped from.

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